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Display technology has long been dominated by LCD and LED. They have been the staple of many devices like smartphones, music players and even televisions. Yet, another material has been slowly emerging as the future of high definition displays, a material that can easily beat LCDs and LEDs when it comes to functionality and versatility. These are known as Organic Light Emitting Diodes, or OLED.Type your paragraph here.

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30 Jul 2015 Antenova announces the Sinica antenna for accurate positioning and high performance on GNSS, globally
25 Jun 2015 Antenova announces Mutica – an ultra compact, dual-band Wi-Fi antenna for video streaming in smaller connected devices and the Internet of Things
20 May 2015 Antenova announces their first antenna for consumer applications - the tiny Weii 2.4 GHz ceramic antennaType your paragraph here.

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With a very motion control oriented command set like rotate right (ROR), rotate left (ROL), or move to position (MVP) TMCL™ lets you take any Motor connected to a TMCM Module into service within minutes after unboxing while offering a comprehensive command set for all necessary motor control parameters.

TMCL™ is available for all TRINAMIC board level solutions and for PANdrive™

TMCL™ may be used as a script language, that is executed standalone on a module or as a communications protocol optimized for motion control applications with a host PC or PLC. The protocol is available for USB and field buses like RS232, RS485 and CAN.